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Design 85 provides homeowners with high-quality and professional pool remodeling and pool renovation services. We work to help families coast to coast breathe new life into their swimming pools and backyard space.

Signs It’s Time to Remodel Your Swimming Pool

Even the most expensive, beautiful-looking pool will need remodeling after some time. In order to prevent expensive repairs that need to be done before your remodel can be completed, it’s important to know some of the common warning signs. These include:



While some homeowners will assume that pool remodels and renovations are strictly for aesthetic purposes, this is far from the case. Physical damage and its effects can be a reason to complete a full overhaul of the pool.

Depending on how long the pool has been leaking, irreversible effects on your pool’s concrete substructure may have already taken place. In this case, a complete renovation would be the best solution to ensure your pool is free of issues in the future.

Inefficient Energy Usage

When was your pool built? If your answer is more than 10 years ago, it’s time for an upgrade! Not only to protect the earth but to protect your wallet as well. All of our renovation and remodeling services utilize eco-friendly and energy-efficient designs to help you do your part and lower your utility bills in the process.

Outdated Pump, Filter, and Plumbing

Your pump, filter, and plumbing are essential to keeping your pool crystal clear all year long. The most common reason why any of these components would need to be replaced is due to age. It’s important to be on the lookout for some of these common warning signs of pump, filter, and plumbing issues:

  • Loud vibrations, humming, and rumbles
  • Excessive grinding and screeching noise
  • Bubbles in a swimming pool
  • Loss of suction and pressure
  • The pool requires frequent cleaning
  • Frequent breaker box issues

Outdated Equipment

If your pool was installed over 10 years ago, there’s a chance that the equipment installed is also outdated. If you’re dealing with frequent leaks, excess noises when the equipment runs, or general inefficiency when it comes to cleaning operations, it may be time for a new pump or filter system to be installed. This lowers the cost of pool operations over time.

We Provide Complete Renovation Services for Your Pool

While we offer complete renovation services of your pool, we can also perform the specific indicial remodeling services you need to be completed. Our professionals will remove any damaged material, apply a bonding agent and apply the new surface material of your choice. Your swimming pool will look brand new!

Many of our customers have trusted their pool renovation with us. Our renovation experts visit your home or society, inspect your existing pool and provide a free written estimate. Our cost-effective solutions for pool renovation draw more attention and add value to your old commercial pool facility. The best part is that our experts guide you through the entire pool renovation journey to help you make informed decisions.

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