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Commercial Renovation Services


Having built strong relationships with suppliers and building management high rises for years, Design 85 has been able to grow into the commercial remodeling space. Our commercial construction experience spans from updating storefronts, build-out mixed-use residential buildings, and updating condominium lobbies, hallways, and common areas.

Our turn-key design-build approach to commercial renovation allows for an overlap in the design and build phases of a project to ensure a quicker lead time. The turn-key design-build process compares favorably to traditional bid contracting, as it saves time & energy that would otherwise be divided among the multiple parties required to complete the project. The more parties you have working on your project, the more moving parts there will be thus creating the opportunity for problems to occur.

Why Us for Your Business Remodeling Needs?

As with any construction project, commercial remodeling is something that’s best left to the professionals, but why choose Design 85 specifically? Here are just a few reasons:

Free, no-obligation quotes

If you are interested in our services but would like to find out more about our costs, simply ask us for a quote! There’s no obligation to work with us but by getting a quote you’re going to have the ability to see just how competitive our rates are. As a small business, we’ve worked hard to build lasting relationships with providers of premium quality materials, and we pass our savings on to you.

Years of building experience

We’re no amateurs! We’ve got years of experience working in commercial remodeling and possess the skills and equipment required to get the job done right, every time.

Fully licensed and bonded

Our staff is licensed to execute any remodeling work, and we’re also bonded; meaning choosing Design 85 is a safe bet.

Honest, reliable service

We are committed to providing fair service, which means we’ll never recommend something unless it is really necessary for the structural and aesthetic integrity of the project. Your satisfaction and budget are incredibly important to us, so we won’t try to push you to spend more than you need to.

Enhance Your Commercial Business Today With Us